For over 25 years High Tide Oil Company has provided our customers quick access to the newest and reliable products to fuel their vehicles and themselves.  
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Hayden Sonic (dine-in only)
15 Russell Avenue
Warrior, AL 35180 
(205) 543-6927

We are able to provide our customers with Commercial and Wholesale oil for their needs. We also provide an extensive line of high grade motor oils conveniently located in each of our stores.

High Tide Oil Company allows you to rely on the right tools to manage your business. When you sign up for a Valero Fleet Account, you’re getting a steady supply of some of the highest quality fuel available - plus a combination of fuel discounts and security controls that will give a healthy boost to your company bottom line.

High Tide Oil Company will work with you seamlessly on the entire site construction, including grading and building construction, pump and tank work.

Download the free High Tide Oil rewards app to start earning rewards for all your fuel and in-store purchases!


We help you save with an array of services under the High Tide brand. If you call us about fuel transport, we’ll keep you from needing to outsource, sign multiple contracts and juggle suppliers. Because if you need fuel – you might also need a few other things: Oil, grease, DEF, transmission fluid, kerosene, fleet fueling cards, petroleum equipment, fuel storage, equipment servicing, chemical and tank analysis, and engineering.

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What Customers Say

  • Just stopped by in Moody for fuel and food. What a pleasant surprise to find excellent food and service! The Assistant Manager personally waited on us and went above and beyond!

    Beth Cunningham Murray Birmingham, Alabama

  • High Tide Oil Company goes above and beyond to ensure their customers are happy and taken care of! I am very pleased with the staff and facilities. I would recommend High Tide to all of my friends.

    Billy Swift Tuscaloosa, Alabama